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Your eyesight is important to the Optic Gallery Eastern staff. We care about your family's eye health...

The latest technology, the latest in quality, fashionable and functional eye wear.

Family Eye Care in Las Vegas

The latest in qyaility eye wear

A great selection of the newest frames and eye wear fashions.

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order provigil online uk

You will be pleased with the comprehensive eye examination you'll receive at Optic Gallery Eastern. First, we will test your field of vision, eye pressure, and refraction. Your Optometrist, Dr. Stephanie Johnson, will then evaluate the health of your eyes and will spend the time needed to determine if a prescription change or further testing is required.

order provigil from india

Optic Gallery Eastern has a vast selection of the latest fashionable eye wear, including single vision, bifocal, progressive, sunglasses and more.

order provigil europe

We know you have many choices. At Optic Gallery Eastern in Las Vegas, Stephanie Johnson, Doctor of Optometry, and her friendly, caring staff will make you feel at home. All staff members are bilingual in English and Spanish